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Brian Murphy Cover Photo

Site Opening Music

Little Bird - For My Beautiful Donna Blue!

Composed and Arranged by Brian Murphy

(Piano and Organ)

Don Miller - Bass

Einar Scheving - Drums

I bid you welcome to brianmurphymusic.com which is presently under development. Please check back for updates, additions and news!

I will be playing solo piano

at the Betsy Hotel

1440 Ocean Drive near 15th on Miami Beach.

JUNE 2024

Friday     June 07/06pm to midnight

Sat.         June 15/06pm to midnight (Lenard Rutledge)

Friday     June 21/06pm to midnight

Friday     June 28/06pm to midnight

Brian Murphy, Captain Hornblower, Othello Molineaux and Matsu at Captain Hornblower's In Key West
Dena DeRose and Brian Murphy, Colony Hotel, Palm Beach

At Captain Hornblowers in Key West with

Othello Molineaux  - Steel Pans,

Steve Gilmore - Bass, BM - Piano,

The Captain on Flugel Horn and Matsu (hidden) on Drums

At The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach with multitalented pianist/vocalist

Dena DeRose

Brian Murphy and Hank Jones In Toronto

With The Legendary Hank Jones -

One Of My Favorite Pianists -

in Toronto

┬ęBrian Murphy 2024