Opening Music - Little Bird Composed and Arranged by Brian Murphy (Piano and Organ) with Don Miller - Bass & Einar Scheving - Drums

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I will be playing solo piano

at the Betsy Hotel

1440 Ocean Drive near 15th

on Miami Beach.

Friday,   Oct. 13-6pm to midnight

Friday,   Oct. 20-6pm to midnight

Friday,   Oct. 27-6pm to midnight

Friday,   Nov. 03-6pm to midnight

Sat.,       Nov. 11-6pm to midnight

Friday,   Nov. 17-6pm to midnight

Friday,   Nov. 24-6pm to midnight

Friday,   Dec. 01-6pm to midnight

Friday,   Dec. 08-6pm to midnight

Sat.,      Dec. 16-6pm to midnight

Friday,  Dec. 22-6pm to midnight

Friday,  Dec. 29-6pm to midnight

With Hank Jones -

One Of My Favorite Pianists  -  in Toronto

At Captain Hornblowers in Key West with

Othello Molineaux  - Steel Pans,

Steve Gilmore - Bass, BM - Piano,

The Captain on Flugel Horn and Matsu (hidden) on Drums

At The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach with multitalented pianist/vocalist

Dena DeRose


With Hank Jones -

One Of My Favorite

Pianists - in Toronto