"I am a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Music, a published composer, a Board member of the Murray Dranoff  International Two-Piano Competition, and have judged many music competitions.

I am happy to recommend Brian Murphy.

He is an extremely talented, versatile and innovative pianist.

I have followed Brian's career over the years.

and have seen him perform in many venues including stage, clubs and conceert halls. He has worked with world renowned musicians, both domestically and abroad. A superb jazz pianist, he is equally proficient in all styles of music.

He is cheerful,patient and helpful when working with other performers. He is of good moral character and trustworthy and dependable!

* Carolyn Davenport, composer

I am pleased to write a letter of reccomendation for Brian M. Murphy. We have been musical colleagues for more than twenty years, during which time we have performed together regularly at concerts, nightclubs, shows, etc. I think it would be fair to say that I have a very informed opinion of Brian's musical ability. In short, he is one of the finest musicians I have ever had the pleasure and honor of playing with.

Supremely talented (among his abilities are perfect pitch and a prodigious musical memory), he is a keyboard master. There have been many occasions when we have been on the bandstand together when he (seemingly without effort) has played things as technically and musically staggering that I could only stare in amazement. His sense of rhythm is incredibly acute and he seems to have most, if not all musical styles right at his fingertips.

He is self-taught and has not spent time in academia. Yet, his theoretical knowledge, reading ability and arranging skills do compare favorably with his musical colleagues who have spent their lives teaching in universities. He would have a lot to offer at that level.

I unhesitatingly recommend Brian Murphy for any musical work, in any situation. He would do a great job!

* Randall Dollahon, Professor and Director of Jazz Guitar Studies at the University of Miami for 30 years.

It is my honor to present this letter of enthusiastic support and recommendation for my friend and colleague, pianist and composer, Brian Murphy, with whom I have had the joy of performing on a number of occasions over the years.

In my opinion, Mr. Murphy is an extraordinary and consummate musician with complete mastery of his instrument. He is a wonderful collaborator, very sensitive to his fellow musicians on stage, and extremely knowledgeable on all subjects musical and philosophical.

I hope that I will have more opportunities to work with Brian in the future since it always has been a wonderful experience performing with him!

*Glenn Basham-Associate Professor of Violin

University of Miami/Frost School of Music

“Brian is a true gift to the music community with incredible musicality as well as true professionalism. He always brings a positive feeling to every group and performance

he's involved with.

* John Michalak, saxophonist/flautist”

“Brian Murphy, without a doubt, is one of the most exciting, most creative musicians, period. If you are a true fan of this one true American art form, Jazz , then you will recognize his creativity, sensitivity and artistry as soon as you hear his opening phrase.”

* Ed Maina, Instrumentalist (Woodwinds, EWI), Ed Maina Music

“Brian is the consummate musician/arranger and musical collaborator. I have worked with him as my sole accompaniment on piano, and it has been all joy! His creativity, technical ability, extraordinary range in mastery of material, and spirit of excellence place him among my top choices as a pianist to work with.

* Brenda Alford, Vocalist/Teacher, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

“Brian's ability to accompany makes him quite unique as well as in demand. His punctuality and his professionalism makes He is always a pleasure to work with.”

* Samm Mapp, singer

“Brian Murphy is one of the best all around musicians I've ever worked with.” Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity.

* Jesse Jones Jr., Saxophonist/Vocalist

“Brian is the consummate musician. He does it all. He is comfortable with any style from trad jazz to show music, bebop and beyond. He is a world-class pianist and arranger. Brian is also an outstanding human being. I feel very lucky to be acquainted with him. He is a delightful musician to work with.”

* Jack Siegel, Trumpeter/Arranger/Grand Poobah, Noteworthy Ent., Inc.

“Brian is a great artist, an astute observer of life, and a wonderful human being.”

* Steven Naylor, Composer/Producer

“In every musical situation that I've shared with Brian, and there have been many, he brings an encyclopedic knowledge to the many different genre's. He not only possesses all the necessary chops, and more, but he instinctively knows what the center or soul of each song demands and reflects it in his playing. He seems to do all these things with the greatest of ease.

* Dana Paul, Owner, Dana Paul Productions

“It was my pleasure to perform with Brian many times - most notably as a member of the house rhythm section in Key West at the famous Jazz venue " Captain Hornblowers " where we performed with the great Ira Sullivan. Brian was also engaged by me to perform at the Gulf Coast Jazz Festival in 2008. He is a marvelous player, as well as a composer, teacher, arranger, and accompanist. Brian is to be highly recommended for any musical position.”

*Steve Gilmore, Bassist Extraordinaire (Phil Woods Quartet)

“I would highly recommend Brian Murphy to anyone needing the most proficient level of skill for arranging, recording or performing. I have enormous respect for his musicianship for jazz, blues, Broadway or good old Rock and Roll.

*Martin C. Hand, Guitarist/Arranger

“Brian Murphy is a brilliant pianist,composer, arranger, educator with a vast musical knowledge. Easy going and a true professional. He has worked with some of the greatest Jazz artists. He is a highly trusted individual with impeccable character.”

* Omar Madruga, Personal manager, TM JAZZ

“Brian is a brilliant pianist and arranger I've had the pleasure of working with in various groups throughout the years.”

* Steve Aho, Percussionist/Arranger

Brian is a practitioner of the art of spontaneous composition and he embraces the true exploratory spirit of Jazz.

Brian currently resides in Miami  with his partner, song stylist/ poet/ photographer DONNA "BLUE" MACDONALD.

For further information, call (305) 333-1882

or contact Brian by e-mail at brianmurphymusic2020@gmail.com

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