Donna Blue MacDonald is a uniquely talented performer. She is an interpretive song stylist,

an actor, a poet, a dancer and a photographer. This makes for a potent mixture of supporting disciplines, each one contributing to her totality and depth .

Donna was born on Cape Breton Island,

Nova Scotia, Canada. On that fair isle she was raised in a piano/violin dancehall saloon where she learned to "tango" at an early age. She was also a Highland Dance Champion.

Following her nature to perform,

Ms. MacDonald graduated from Carleton and Dalhousie Universities with a Degree in Theatre Arts. As a professional actress, Donna is proud to have performed with Artistic Director John Neville, (The Baron Munchasen, X Files) at Neptune Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she starred with Denny Doherty of the Mamas and Papas fame.

At that same time Tony Randall, on the Board of Directors, provided a constant source of inspiration.

A move to Toronto found Donna performing in cabaret and at such premiere Blues clubs as

Albert's Hall and Dan Ackroyd's Pinetree on Queen St. West. There she shared the marquee with such luminaries as Big Daddy Kinsey, Otis Clay, and guitar hero, Jeff Healey. It was always an honor when the great Albert Collins invited her to sing as special guest "Miss Blue".

As an interpretive vocalist she was afforded rare opportunities to perform with some of Toronto's finest Jazz musicians including:

Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson,

Don "D.T." Thompson, Jerry Fuller,

Neil Swainson, Harvie Swartz, Barry Elmes , Johnny Johnson and many others.

A multi-faceted artist, Donna divided her time between music. theatre, and film/television production while in Toronto. A highlight of this period saw Donna return to Cape Breton with

JEWEL, a one-woman tour de force that she produced, directed and starred in.

Musically influenced from all genres, Donna strives to cultivate the courage to chase her talent to the edge of the cliff and ultimately soar with her own grace and style. Winning the U.S. Immigration "Green Card" lottery she rolled down to Key West for high adventure in the romantic and historic region of rollicking seafaring treasure hunting Pirates.

She enjoyed a simple and laidback lifestyle

in this artists' haven and often held court at the Green Parrot or Blue Heaven as a Performance Artist where she could be heard reciting original poetic works or singing, a cappella, everything from Shakespeare's sonnets, Billie Holiday

and Bob Dylan to Leiber and Stoller,

Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Rogers and Hart. She was often a featured performer for an evening of Poetry and Jazz at the Red Barn Theatre.

"Special mention must go to Donna MacDonald who won the grand prize as 'Poetess of the Night'and now occupies the coveted Green Parrot Bicycle Seat of Perfumed Poetics."

"Bud Navarro, Key West the Newspaper"

"The invisible-eyed Donna MacDonald in beatnik black with round shades is from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. 'I've sprung a leak ,' she read, but soon abandoned the pages for a hot, hot rendition of 'Jungle Fever' that unstoppably stirred the place up. Whew!!!"

"Mark Howell, Island Life"

During this period Donna starred as Black-Eyed Susan opposite Carl Hancock Rux in his acclaimed


Rux was heralded in the New York Times as one of the year's top new under-30 artists. This production was presented at the Key West Theatre Festival and was celebrated as the favorite play of the festival.

After spending a number of very happy and productive years in the idyll of Key West, Donna relocated to Miami Beach, still staying close to the ocean, her great love. She has enjoyed much success and many opportunities to perform at venues such as

Arturo Sandoval's Jazz Club (Miami Beach),

the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) , Sunshine Jazz Organization at The Miami Tower, the Van Dyke Cafe, the Luna Star Cafe,

Tuscany Restaurant, Taurus Restaurant, Pescado Restaurant, Pisco Restaurant,

the Coral Lakes Theatre

(an evening of Poetry and Jazz with Dan Jaffe)

The Hollywood Bandshell and many others.

She presently resides in Miami with her partner, Pianist/Composer/Arranger/Producer

Brian M. Murphy.

She can be contacted online at: dembluz@yahoo.com


┬ęBrian Murphy 2024

Music - Open To Love

Donna Blue MacDonald - Composer/Vocal

Brian Murphy - Piano

Don Miller - Bass

Einar Scheving - Drums