" The real interest in the concert was in the rhythm section, specifically the pianist Brian Murphy. He has such an open concept of the keyboard and matched up a sequence of apparently impulsive ideas into fascinating improvisations. The comfort he obviously feels at the instrument made his playing totally reassuring in the face of all the chances he was taking. So add Murphy's name to the short list of Toronto's demon pianists; in a week when no less than Tommy Flanagan and Joanne Brackeen are holding down piano benches around town his performance was the perfect kickoff."

Mark Miller, Toronto Globe and Mail 1983

"Brian Murphy is that rarity here, a complete musician, a man who can sight read, play by ear, improvise, compose, arrange, orchestrate, conduct and teach. He could be a center around which the considerable local talent might organize itself, to everyone's benefit."

Harry Schroeder, Solares Hill (Key West) 1996

"The Brian Murphy Trio, a must see for Jazz fans."

Kathryn Mills, Canadian Musician Magazine 1981

"Murphy proffers a wonderfully bluesy and lyrical touch."

Bob Weinberg, City Link (Hollywood) 2002

"Ira Sullivan and Brian Murphy are alike as practitioners of the art of instant and continuous musical composition, as natural to them as breathing."

Harry Schroeder, Solares Hill (Key West) 1999

"The sheer power of Mount Fuji!"

Othello Molineaux (Steel Drum Virtuoso) 1997

"Brian Murphy, multi talented player, arranger and composer who has definitely made his mark in the years he has been heard here in Florida and I'm proud to say that he is a regular member of my "Inter/Outer Continental Quintet"."

Ira Sullivan 2000

"He brings an astonishing talent and open mind to the keyboard."

Wally Doone, Island News (Key West) 1994

"Murphy rocked along with success, rich textures and big bass from the Hammond B3."

Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star 1990

"Special thanks go out to the amazing artist, Brian Murphy, who continues to honor and delight all who perform with him."

Joe Donato (Multi Instrumentalist/Bon Vivant) 2001

"Murphy plays with the time, phrasing counter rhythms across the beat, inventing elegant new melodies each time around the track."

Stephen Pederson, Halifax Chronicle Herald 1990

"An incredible pianist!"

Moncton Times 1984

"Brian Murphy's piano solo was performed with great verve and precision."

Kiwanis Music Festival (Grand Falls) age 11

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